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Do you have several errands to run and wonder what the optimal route is to save gas and/or time?
Are you a service person trying to determine when to schedule your appointments for the day?
Do you wish Mapquest and Google Maps could show multiple destinations on the same map?
Please see Important Notice below.

This site saves you time and money by optimizing complex driving routes involving up to twenty-five different addresses. Often referred to as the "Travelling Salesman Problem", our logistics algorithms find the quickest route or the shortest route for you.

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Important Update - September 6, 2019

Please note that today we have launched the paid version of our Driving Route Optimizer here: https://paid.drivingrouteoptimizer.com

Importantly, we have reduced the basic price for the Driving Route Optimizer to $9.99 USD/month for the basic monthly plan which includes 999 stops.

Please note that this price change does not affect the expected price for our Driving Route Planner system which we will be launching in the coming weeks with a price of $29/USD/month for up to 25 stops per route; and a price of $49/USD/month for up to 50 stops per route.

Important Update - August 30, 2019

As explained in our message below dated August 23, 2019, please note that effective today, August 30, 2019, we are reducing the number of stops in the free version of Driving Route Planner from 6 to 3.

We will be making a paid version of the Driving Route Planner available to interested parties in the coming weeks and further details will be provided to those who fill out our form below. Please note that our top priority at this time is the transition of our Driving Route Optimizer to a paid version and once this transition is completed we will turn our resources to those who would like their own copy of the Driving Route Planner.

In the meantime, if you have more than 3 stops in your route, you have the following options:

  • use the free version of our Driving Route Optimizer which will be offering 23 stops until Friday, September 6, 2019, and will be offering 6 stops after that date
  • sign up for a paid subscription to the Driving Route Optimizer at $29/USD/month which offers up to 23 stops - this can be done on the home page of our Driving Route Optimizer website
  • note that if you wish to transition from the paid version of Driving Route Optimizer to a paid version of Driving Route Planner we will not charge you twice for that month.

Important Message - August 23, 2019

We regret to inform you that we can no longer offer Driving Route Planner as a free service and as a result, we will be shutting down operations on August 30, 2019.

Many of you have been relying on Driving Route Planner to provide optimized routes for several years.  We have always offered this as a free service supported by our advertisers.  Our system is built on top of services that Google previously provided for free but for which they are now charging a very significant amount.

We were hopeful that we could offset the ongoing Google costs with income from the Google Ads that were shown on the site but in July for example, our costs were $2743 and our advertising income was only $409.

We will continue to operate a free version of our related Driving Route Optimizer website with a limit of 6 stops.

If you are interested in paying for our services, please complete the following form:

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 I am interested in a paid version of the Driving Route Planner at a price of $29/USD per month
  • up to 25 stops per route
  • additional Google charges could apply depending on usage
  • payment for first 12 months required upfront
  • involves setting up your own copy of Driving Route Planner on a dedicated website
  • involves setting up your own Google billing account which provides you with a free $200 monthly credit towards their mapping services
 I am interested in a paid subscription to the Driving Route Optimizer website at a price of $9.99/USD per month
  • up to 23 stops per route
  • limit of 999 stops per month
  • additional stops can be purchased for $.01 as required

Driving Route Planner (paid version only)

  • Up to 25 stops
  • Advanced Version allows placeholders in addresses to be substituted for city names, etc.
  • Once an address is verified, we display the detailed address
  • Slower computation times (it can take over 5 minutes to compute optimal routes)
  • Shows several alternative routes including "fastest", "shortest", and "as entered".
  • Printable version of the map is dynamic and uses numbered stops

Driving Route Optimizer

  • Up to 23 stops (paid version), up to 6 stops (free version)
  • When looking up addresses we only show the city where the address is found, not the detailed address
  • Faster computation times (optimal route is generally calculated within a few seconds)
  • Only computes the fastest route unless the user requests "as entered", in which case there is no optimization process.
  • Can place restrictions on the route to Avoid Tolls, Highways and/or Ferries
  • Printable version of the map is static and uses letters to mark the stops

Features Available in Both Systems

  • Ability to specify a starting time
  • Ability to set stopover durations

Sometimes there may be other considerations beyond just the driving distance or driving time. For example, perhaps you want to pick up groceries on your final stop or you may want to avoid busy streets during rush-hour. This is why we allow you to choose from several shortest routes and the quickest routes. You can also choose the exact sequence for your stops by entering them in the desired order.
Driving Route Planner